Against the Ropes (Redemption, #1)

4013 stars
Sarah Castille

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Title Against the Ropes (Redemption, #1)
Rating 4013 stars
Author Sarah Castille
Pages 351
Isbn 1402284853
Review ♥*:•-:°Love2Read❇HEAs.。.•:*♡ wrote: Absolutely, Positively...Loved your review Jennifer!! Your pics & gifs are great especially the ones of Max/Torment. Yummy, Yummy! I wasn't going to read the book but you've changed my mind. Thanx!...

I'm so glad!!! Enjoy!!!


So I really liked the first 20% or so of this book. I like the basic premise of the book. Sexy underground MMA fighter meets quirky slightly bohemian recent grad EMT girl. Yum. The writing is a bit shaky, but I really enjoyed Castille’s sense of humor so I settled in to enjoy the read. This book could have been interesting if it had stuck with the whole Mac working at the fight club as a medic in order to pay back her student loans while Max/Torment helps her get over her aversion to violence that is the result of the abuse suffered by her father when she was a child. Instead, the plot gets more and more inane as the book goes on and our sexy MMA fighter turns out to be rich and kind of a prick. And then, as was probably inevitable, he turned into Christian Gray. A better written version of Christian Gray than the original I will give you, but Christian Gray nonetheless. Sigh. Or should I say **sigh**.

The thing that bothered me the most about this book isn’t even the ripping off of Fifty Shades of Terrible, it was the scenes with the student loan officer guy. The fact that Makalya (Mac) has a debilitating amount of student loan debt was a nice plot point for the book and true to life to a lot of new adults, however, it is clear that the author does not have student loans or she would know just how absurd these passages sound. First, what the hell is the Education Commission? That’s not even a thing. Second, everything is done electronically these days. There is no losing paperwork. Third, deferments are almost always granted and there are a number of repayment plans including those that are structured around income. Fourth, with the amount of communication you get from lenders, there is no way that Mackayla would not have known that her loan had defaulted until after it had done so. Fifth, the Federal Trade Commission has nothing to do with student loans. I could go on with the list of things that are wrong with these scenes, but I’m just making myself angry again so I’ll stop here.

This book is completely schizophrenic. Mac doesn’t want to date a rich guy because she doesn’t feel like she could relate to that lifestyle, then she is gushing about attending society events and riding in private planes. Mac is mad that Max didn’t tell her who he really was, and then two seconds later is over it. Mac claims to get physically ill around violence, yet has worked as an EMT a job which by its very nature involves exposure to a certain amount of violence. Mac says that she like it when Max is controlling in bed but not out of it, but then she likes it when he is controlling out of bed but not in it. MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

This brings us to the BDSM elements. It’s hard to classify most fifty shade fails, because they’re not really depicting BDSM relationships. The Fifty Shades Trilogy doesn’t even depict an accurate representation of the lifestyle.* I think authors feel like, or get told by editors, they have to write a BDSM book so they use what they think is correct language a few times and leave it at that (Jennifer Probst, I’m looking at you). There’s spankings, maybe some bondage, the hero gets off on telling the heroine what to do, and scene. In a lot of ways this is irresponsible. If you are going to have your characters engage in activities where they feel like there might be a need for a safe word you should also include them having a discussion about limits, aka activities that they are not comfortable in engaging in, like say being bound naked in a public place and abandoned.

I think that it’s natural that Mac is conflicted about how she feels about her sexual experiences with Max, particularly given how young and inexperienced she is. Max, however, should be talking to her about her fears rather than insisting that she trust him when she clearly does not and getting mad at her for not behaving the way he wants. There is an exchange wherein Mac specifically asks Max if he is into BDSM and he explains that while he enjoys element he is not into the lifestyle. I appreciate that the author makes that distinction, but I think Max knows better than to not be having frank discussions with Mac about his expectations and her feelings about them. I am all for expanding boundaries, but there should be prior consent.

I’m not even going to get into my thoughts on Max’s fighting name being “Torment” or that he fights people name “Iron Fist” and “Misery” and that some of the fights take place at the Geek Club, an underground fight club where men fight with buckets on their heads using vacuum hoses and computer parts as weapons. Yeah, you read that right. I’m also not going to get into how annoying the texting scenes are. Mac texts the way I imagine a sixteen year old girl texts but maybe I’m just old. I do briefly want to touch on the stupid parties Mac has with Max’s fighting buddies. I sincerely hope that no girl anywhere, ever thinks that it is a good idea to play drunk strip poker alone with a group of men you barely know. That is not cute and funny, it is extremely dangerous. Max was right to get pissed off over this one.

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